Thanksgiving (Paleo/AIP)

Happy Thanksgiving! I probably should have posted this before Thanksgiving, but I totally forgot. It’s a hectic time of the year, so I hope that you can forgive me. I also would like to apologize for not posting for so long. I started school again, and I’ve been busy trying to catch up on all my work.

I am on the SCD diet for my UC, and I know some people have some issues with the diet and others love it, but that’s beside the point. I have added in a few things to the diet, so I am not as strict as I could be with it. Last year, my mom made all my food for Thanksgiving, and I know that it was stressful for her to make my food in addition to the normal Thanksgiving food. However, she managed to pull it off, and it was very good.

This year, my mom decided to try something different. She found a website called Paleo on the Go, and they offered a Thanksgiving dinner along with many, many other products. My mom ordered the Thanksgiving Feast (serves 4, Paleo/AIP), which includes Herb Roasted Pasture Raised Turkey – Non GMO, soy free organically raised, grass fed, no hormones or antibiotics, pesticide free. (32 ounces), Southern Homestyle Gravy, Cranberry Orange Sweet Potato Casserole, Rosemary & Sage Pork Stuffing with Apples and Cherries, Spiced Triple Squash Medley, Mixed Braise Greens, and Cinnamon Apple Crisp. It was pretty amazing! I did not eat the turkey and the gravy, as my mom had already cooked a turkey and gravy, and it was fine for me to eat anyway. The only thing that I did not enjoy was the stuffing, as it just kind of tasted like meat and not like stuffing.

My mom also ordered Pumpkin Spice Paleo Tarts, which are kind of like Poptarts. I thought those tasted pretty good too. I actually had one for breakfast this morning. In addition to the Thanksgiving Feast, my mom ordered a Paleo Carrot Cake and a Paleo Pumpkin Pie. My favorites were the Carrot Cake and the Apple Crisp. They were delicious!

I also had some Coconut Bliss Ice Cream with my dessert. I bought three flavors: Cherry Amaretto, Coconut, and Chocolate Walnut Brownie. They are all amazing, and I love that I can still have ice cream that tastes like ice cream.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I am so happy that I can still enjoy the food that I love. Hopefully, this website can help you out a little bit if you are paleo or like me. I hope that you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with your families!





Side Note: I will be posting about my 2nd and 3rd Remicade infusions soon! Sorry that it has taken so long.





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